Vertoise is an abstract puzzle game based on the vertex cover problem which you can play against computer opponents.

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Get Vertoise for your Android Smartphone now at The terms and conditions and licensing options of do apply there.

Hylzee is a Sokoban-like puzzle game.

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Get Hylzee for your Android Smartphone now at It is for free, i.e. you herewith acquire a license to play the game without paying, but it is only offered for limited time as a pre-production release so that I can get feedback on whether the software actually works. You therefore must not distribute the file to the public and must not modify it. Unlike the older version offered on sourceforge, this version is not licensed to you under the GPLv2 at all. You may still use the versions on sourceforge under the terms of the GPLv2, as long as the software is offered on sourceforge.

ParaWorld is a unique RTS with dinosaurs, tanks and spearman.

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There are Mods, too:

Visit the ParaWorld site

For those modding ParaWorld, there is a USL Scripting Crash Course. USL is a unique scripting language, with many of the features reminiscent of Java.

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